Next Best Thing

The MUST-HAVE Shoe for babies and toddlers that are the next best thing to walking barefoot! Bubsi Bear shocksies™ are an adorable solution for your little munchkins who are learning to walk or are already on the run and hard to keep up with!

These charming slip on shoe socks makes getting them dressed in the morning a breeze and out the door in no time. No more tantrums of not wanting to put on their shoes or constantly having to stop to tie shoe laces.

With our Bubsi Bear shocksies™ you won't have to worry about your baby slipping and sliding on floors while learning how to walk. With a non-slip grip, rest assured that their tiny feet will be safe and snug in these one of a kind shoes.

They mold to all shapes and sizes so those chubby toes will no longer feel cramped while providing them with the best foot support. Watch as their confidence soars as they take those first very important steps.

They are made to be worn both indoors and outdoors, on soft or hard surfaces.

Our unique designs are made with high quality rubber soles that slip on easily like a sock and are durable, machine washable and able to withstand the beatings of the most active toddler!

They are so cute and cozy that they only problem you may have is that your little one will not want to take them off!! Inventory is limited and going fast.

Grab yours now and be the envy of all on the playground!