About Us

As a newly inducted member of the mom’s club, I have experienced first-hand what an amazing journey this has been but also how hard and tiring it can be. I created Bubsi Bear because no matter how chaotic our lives are when we look at our little bundles, we are reminded that they are also magical and whimsical.
They are fun and funny! They are cute and they are oh so snuggly! And that Every day that your little ones look at you, they are cuter than the day before, if that is even possible! They are growing too fast right before our own eyes and I wanted to be able to capture those moments of adventure, magic, and fun by offering parents products that not only make our lives so much easier but also represent those cherished moments that come and go so quickly.

Products that make kids happy while providing safety, comfort, and play. My son has been my inspiration for Bubsi Bear and his contagious smile and happiness is what I wish to pass on to each and every one of our customers and their children.
When I found our signature product; Bubsi Bear Shocksies™- I immediately became obsessed with it. Not only because of their adorable designs, but I knew, as a mother of an infant, that this shoe would be a game-changer. A shoe that slips on like a sock. It is a must-have for all infants learning to walk and toddlers who won't stop walking. They are the perfect combination of comfort and cuteness with the convenience that all parents search for. Our Bubsi Bear Shocksies ™ makes me smile every time I see a pair of chunky baby feet wearing them.  I hope you will love them as much as we do.